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Garden, Patio and Landscaping

Looking for a nursery or greenhouse, some living color or some drought-tolerant plants in New Mexico?

Beautiful gardens and landscaping -- the thoughtful use of flowers, trees, bushes, grasses, stone and rocks -- connects us to the environment and provides us with additional living space. From apple trees to xeriscapes, from gravel to greenhouses, helps you find the right products and services for your landscaping projects in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico. Outdoor environments are important to the New Mexico lifestyle, where moderate weather allows us to enjoy the outdoors for much of the year. Patios, courtyards and exterior plantings are vital to our aesthetic and our sense of connection to the environment. As we design and plant our yards, we are increasingly sensitive to water issues and the need to conserve, harvest and recycle this important natural resource. Browse the list below to find the nurseries, greenhouses, garden ornaments, xeriscape plants, contractors and other landscaping support you need.

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Address Signage
Annual Flowers
Appliances - Outdoor
Arbors, Pergolas & Ramadas - Design & Installation
Barbeque Grills & Outdoor Appliances
Character Boulders
Coyote Fencing & Gates
Cultured Stone
Deck Railing
Decking - New & Replacement
Decks - Design & Installation
Doors - Patio
Drainage and Storm Water Management
Edible Landscaping
Exterior Shade Screens / Solar Screens
Fabric -- Outdoors
Fireplace Components - Masonry, Brick & Concrete
Fireplace Surrounds
Flooring Inlays
Furniture - Outdoor
Garden Ornaments
Garden Soil, Compost & Mulch
Garden Walls
Gardening Supplies
Gardening Tools
Gravel and Stone
Hardscape - Stairs, Bridges, Walkways, etc.
Irrigation Design & Installation
Irrigation Supplies and Systems
Kitchens - Outdoor
Landscape Contractors
Landscape Designers
Landscape Lighting Design & Installation
Landscape Photography
Light Fixtures - Exterior
Maintenance Products
Maintenance Services
Masonry Fireplaces
Masonry Tools
Medallions, Mosaics, Murals & Mandalas
Native Plants
Nurseries, Greenhouses, Garden Centers -- Flowers, Trees & Shrubs
Outdoor Kitchens, Appliances & Kitchen Products
Patio and Outdoor Furniture
Patio Covers
Patio Doors
Patio Heaters
Patio, Path & Driveway Paving
Pavers & Porphyry
Perennial Flowers
Pest Control
Planters & Pots
Retaining Walls
Rodent Control
Rooftop Gardens
Seeds - Vegetable & Flower seeds
Shade Sails
Solar Gate Openers
Spas & Hot Tubs
Sprinkler Systems
Stairs & Railings
Stone - Carved
Stone and Rock
Stone Sculpture
Tile Medallions, Mosaics, Murals & Mandalas
Tree Services
Trees - Deciduous, Fruit, Evergreen Trees for sale
Upholstery Fabric
Upholstery, Upholsterers
Vegetable Starter Plants
Wall Systems for Yard Walls
Water Analysis
Water Harvesting, Recycling and Conservation Consultants, Contractors and Supplies
Water Retention Products
Water Softening, Conditioning, Purification & Filter Equipment
Water Tanks and Storage
Xeriscape Specialists

Coming soon...

Fossils & Minerals
Masonry Tools
Plants - Aquatic

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