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Water and Energy

Looking for good water for drinking, cleaning or landscaping in New Mexico?

Water usage, purification, conservation, harvesting and recycling are major concerns for homeowners in New Mexico. From fountains to filters to cisterns and irrigation systems, will help you find what you’re looking for in New Mexico. Whether we’re drinking it, washing with it, gardening with it, or just looking at it, water nourishes us, body and soul. Heightened awareness of water scarcity has homeowners making thoughtful decisions about water usage and water quality. Browse the list below to find good water-related resources in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and throughout New Mexico. Energy resources and wise energy consumption are also on the minds of New Mexican homeowners. You'll be able to find some of the best businesses in the energy field -- whether traditional or alternative -- here at

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Air Conditioning Contractors
Alternative Building Systems
Bathtubs and Whirlpool Baths
Boilers and Boiler Installation
Building Systems - Energy Efficient
Data Networking Management
Drainage and Storm Water Management
Electrical - Surge Protection
Electrical Contractors
Electrical Service
Energy Efficient Electrical Services
Energy Efficient Wall Systems
Energy Management
Energy Raters
Exterior Shade Screens / Solar Screens
Fireplace Components - Masonry, Brick & Concrete
Fireplace Surrounds
Fireplaces - Gas Hookup
Furnaces & Furnace Installation
GeoThermal Heating & Cooling Systems
Grey Water Recycling
Heat Pumps
Heating Systems & Contractors
Heating Systems - Solar
Home Automation & Control
Home Energy Rating & Consulting
HVAC - Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors
Insulation Contractors and Materials
Irrigation Design & Installation
Irrigation Supplies and Systems
Lightning Protection Contractors & Materials
Masonry Fireplaces
Multimedia Management
Patio Heaters
Plumbing Contractors
Plumbing Service and Repair
Radiant Heating Systems
Rain Barrels and Water Harvesting Systems
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Saunas & Steam Rooms
Septic Tanks and Infiltrators
Shade Systems & Shade Sails
Solar Electric Systems
Solar Thermal Panels and Tanks
Solar Thermal Systems
Solar Water Pumping
Spas & Hot Tubs
Stoves for Heating - Wood, Gas & Pellet Burning
Water Analysis
Water Harvesting, Recycling and Conservation Consultants, Contractors and Supplies
Water Heaters
Water Heating Systems - Solar
Water Retention Products
Water Softening, Conditioning, Purification & Filter Equipment
Water Tanks and Storage
Water Transport Tanks
Zero Energy Building

Coming soon...

Natural Gas Service
Photo-Voltaic (PV) Systems
Plants - Aquatic
Propane Service
Sprinkler Systems
Utility Companies
Water - Bottled and Delivery

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