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Stone tile, flooring, slab, mosaic and thin veneer, including travertine, limestone, basalt, porphyry, granite, and New Mexico stone slabs.

Santa Fe

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Exclusive and traditional stone products from around the world, in custom sizes and finishes.

Name: Groundfloor
Hours: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Friday Weekends by Appointment
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Santa Fe 
1404 Maclovia Street
Santa Fe, NM 87505
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Phone: 505-603-3737
Fax: 505-424-0489
Phone: 505-603-7322

Features green products or services for sustainability. Features products or services made in New Mexico.

Products or Services
Stone tile, flooring, slab, mosaic and thin veneer, including travertine, limestone, basalt, porphyry, granite, and New Mexico stone slabs.


ENVIRONMENT: The traditional interior/exterior divide is history. We look for exclusive stone products that stand up just as well in both interior and exterior applications, or even as vertical thin veneer or cladding, to create spatial continuity.

FORMAT: However you choose - from basic stone floor tile to stone pavers, from countertop slab to mosaic to cobble-on-mesh. Pick something dramatic and use the same stone for your patio pavers, your backsplashes, showers walls or driveway. Our stone, your limitless choice.

DIMENSION: Escape the tyranny of standard shapes and sizes. We'll cut stone tile and stone slab to any measurement that perfects your design. Rectangles or squares, thin or thick, big or small.

FINISH: Polished, honed, flamed, acid-washed, brushed, chiseled, bush-hammered, sandblasted. Up to 30 choices. Be different. Mix them up for visual contrast or functionality.

GREEN: Local New Mexico stone varieties, recycled stone, stone for thermal mass, stone for porosity, no VOCs -- ask us why our stone is ideal for green building/LEED projects.

Groundfloor supplies the widest range of unique and affordable stone in the southwest. We promise stone and stone finishes you won't see anywhere, customized in ways no one else can offer.

While we primarily service architects, designers and contractors, we also welcome the public by appointment.


"Santa Fe's gurus of stone." Eddy Keeler, owner CoreValues Interior Design

"So professional at every step of the process. Matt and Robbie have met all our material demands with some of the fastest lead times and best prices I have ever seen." Jason Skaarsgard, Zia Rising Construction Management.

"We have recommended them in the community and will continue to rely on them for the quality products they supply and the service they provide." Ralph Brutsche, developer, Santa Fe Summit.

"A little gem with a plethora of gorgeous stone," Diane Gonzales, Samuel Design Group.


Matt: 505-603-3737

Robbie: 505-603-7322

Green & Sustainable
Groundfloor supplies New Mexico sandstone tile, dimensional, paver, thin veneer, slab and random flagstone. Stone is increasingly recognized as a green building material with its longevity, promotion of rural economies, low energy manufacturing inputs, low VOCs, zero waste, thermal mass and use as a porous paver.


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