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Santa Fe Coyote Fencing

Coyote Fencing & Gates - durable NM fencing, yard wall extensions, privacy, wind & dust barriers

Santa Fe / Northern New Mexico

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Santa Fe Coyote Fencing
Name: Santa Fe Coyote Fencing
Santa Fe 
PO Box 23944
Santa Fe, NM 87502
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Phone: 505-690-6272
PO Box 61
Mora, NEW MEXICO 87732
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Coyote Fencing & Gates - durable NM fencing, yard wall extensions, privacy, wind & dust barriers

Santa Fe Coyote Fencing is the only company in New Mexico that specializes in Coyote Fences. Founded by Richard Bustos, the company has provided quality fencing and workmanship to northern New Mexico customers for over 10 years.

Coyote fencing holds up to UV light, ultraviolet light, which is strong at our 7000 foot elevation. You want fencing that will stand up to the elements, last for years and enhance your New Mexico building style. Standard wood slat fencing typically falls apart due to dry rot in a few years at our high elevations and requires frequent staining.

Throughout Santa Fe & New Mexico, Coyote Fences are used for many purposes including:
- Privacy Fences
- Wall Extensions
- Dust Control Barriers
- Noise Barriers
- Property Dividers
- Dog Runs
- Swimming Pool Enclosures
- Custom Gates

In the early 1800s New Mexico farmers had allot of problems with coyotes getting into their chicken coops and eating chickens and chicken eggs. The farmers came up with the idea of tying small diameter cedar posts together, called lattias, with wire and cross pieces using this as a main frame. The Coyotes could no longer get into the chicken coops, the farmers named the fences Coyote Fence which became Santa Fes favorite fencing method.

Call us to see how Santa Fe Coyote Fencing can construct you a COYOTE FENCE and put New Mexico tradition into your landscape.

And yes we are still keeping COYOTES out of yards to keep families and pets safe.


CALL US TODAY to schedule your Coyote Fence installation.
Richard Bustos


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