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EcoScapes Design/Build/Maintain

EcoScapes Design/Build/Maintain offers professional services for landscapes and gardens.

Santa Fe

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EcoScapes Design/Build/Maintain

EcoScapes of Santa Fe, New Mexico designs, builds, and maintains regionally appropriate, water efficient, meticulously crafted, and personalized landscapes. Our plans integrate local ecology, regionally appropriate plantings, edibles, water harvesting, irrigation, and reuse principles in order to create vibrant landscapes that are productive, self-sustaining, ecological systems.

Name: EcoScapes Design/Build/Maintain
Hours: M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
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EcoScapes Design/Build/Maintain
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Santa Fe 
PO Box 306
Santa Fe, NM 87504
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Phone: 505-424-9004
Fax: 505-424-3875

Features green products or services for sustainability. Features products or services made in New Mexico.

Products or Services
EcoScapes Design/Build/Maintain offers professional services for landscapes and gardens.

EcoScapes was founded with the objective of designing, building, and maintaining beautiful landscapes while being mindful of the local ecology, regionally appropriate plantings, and our precious water resources. We are committed to conserving and rejuvenating the natural environment while simultaneously creating beautiful and fulfilling human spaces. All of our work is focused on these ideals of creating vibrant spaces while protecting our soil and water, and in so doing utilize both passive and active methods of water harvesting along with soil enlivening practices.

It is our hope and intent to work collaboratively with designers, builders and organizations that are socially responsive, environmentally conscious and fiscally accountable, so to collectively support diversity within local communities.

Essential to our vision is building capacity within our organization; therefore, we offer health insurance, competitive wages and provide literacy classes for our employees. We are also dedicated to the promotion of green jobs and sustainable education regionally.

Pirana Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems
Sta-Rite Irrigation Pumps
Wayne Water Systems
Geo Flow Irrigation Products

EcoScapes Design/Build/Maintain is a full service company. Our Specialties include:

Landscape Contractors
Full Spectrum Construction
Full Spectrum Maintenance
Landscape and Garden Design
Permaculture Design
Rainwater Harvesting Design and Installation
Water Reuse Design and Installation
Fully Automated Irrigation Systems Design and Installation
Cascading Irrigation Systems Design and Installation
Sustainable Sites, LEED, Green New Mexico Design and Development Standards
Permaculture Design
Native Landscapes
Edible Landscapes
Xeric Landscapes / Xeriscaping
Food Production
Ecological Restoration
Ecological Conservation
Sensitive Landscape Lighting Design and Installation
Ponds, Waterfalls, Fountains, and Water Features
Custom Stone Work
Dry Stacked Stone Walls
Native Stone
Water Features

Better Business Bureau: A Rated Member

Green & Sustainable
EcoScapes has been building green since 2002. EcoScapes focuses on designing sustainable landscapes through the use of the principles of ecological design, Permaculture, water conservation, soil conservation and enlivening, native plants, ecological restoration, and reuse.


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