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ADC Network

Architects Designers & Contractors Network: Helping people design and build successfully for 22 years.

Name: ADC Network
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Homebuilding and Residential Projects in Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Features green products or services for sustainability.

Products or Services
Architects, Designers, Contractors, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, Drafting Services

Architects Designers & Contractors Network -- ADC NETWORK -- empowers New Mexicans who plan to build through our consulting, teaching and educational outreach on smart design and green building practices. ADC also connects Santa Fe, New Mexico, Southwest, Western and Mountain state clients with a selection of Architects, Designers and Contractors who can help them realize their best project potential. Our no-cost consulting service gives you an opportunity to meet well-matched design and building experts for your consideration.

ADC serves regional clients who have residential and commercial projects in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and California. Our network of firms are equally talented at designing for desert, mountain and coastal regions. We help you explore the design possibilities for your home or building project while familiarizing you with building costs, procedures and sustainable building methods. Based on our understanding of your project, we will introduce you to talented, appropriate firms who can help you realize your vision.

The professions of architecture, design and construction carry significant responsibility towards any regions ability to achieve sustainable health in their environment and community. ADC Network believes in the power of collaboration and synergy through our network to
more effectively serve our community and our clients.

Our ongoing mission is to help clients meet talented design and building firms who can help them realize the best design and building projects possible relative to their needs and budget.

Our network of firms offers full services for residential and commercial building projects:

Cost-Effective Remodeling: We can assist with renovations, additions, new kitchens and bathrooms, etc.
Energy-Efficient Remodeling: We promote building practices which will lower your energy bills, with designs that capture the warmth of the winter sun and block the heat of the summer sun while providing good ventilation.

NEW RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION: New, Custom Home / Residential Construction: We specialize in designing and building Custom Homes with integrity in all styles and price levels, from modest / affordable to top-of-the-line dream homes.

NEW COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION: We have much experience designing and building all types of projects, including offices, retail, restaurants, schools, medical, Santa Fe historic district projects, banks etc.

AWARD-WINNING DESIGNS, HIGH-END AND CUSTOM LUXURY HOME DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION: We have worked on scores of award-winning projects and spectacular homes and buildings in all styles from Old Pueblo to Modern.

GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE AND ENERGY-EFFICIENT CONSTRUCTION: We promote smart design and advanced building techniques to keep down the on-going costs of operating your home or building.

AFFORDABLE AND SUSTAINABLE: We promote budget-driven projects and processes that are realistic and aligned with the clients personal needs and requirements. We advise clients on how to establish a realistic construction budget and keep project costs within budget and on schedule.

ADC Network has strong expertise in GREEN BUILDING and a variety of building styles:

- We have been teaching energy-efficiency and sustainable design and building practices at Santa Fe Community College for over 15 years.

- Many of the builders and designers/architects at ADC Network have been advancing smart, green, sustainable and alternative building methods for decades in New Mexico.

- Our network has a strong background in working with these alternative and traditional wall systems: Adobe, Advanced Framing, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), Straw Bale, Pumice-Crete, Rammed Earth, Straw Clay, Concrete Block, Poured Concrete, and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).

- ADC Network has expertise in all these Architectural styles: Classic Pueblo, Pueblo Revival, Santa Fe Style, Modern & Contemporary Architecture, Territorial, Hacienda, Southwestern Style, Spanish Style, Mexican Style, High Desert Design, Old World, Tuscany and Mediterranean, Modular, Prefab, etc.

ADC Network was founded in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1995 to help clients make good design choices and have successful building experiences. Our firms and services include:

- Architects, Design-Build Firms, Planners, Engineers.
- Home Builders, General Contractors.
- Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Contractors.
- Construction Managers, Owners Rep Services,
Project Coordinators.
- Landscape Architects, Designers and Contractors.
- Interior Designers, Decorators, Feng Shui Consultants.
- Solar Electric, Solar Thermal, Geothermal,
Radiant Floor Heating, HVAC experts.
- Water Harvesting & Recycling Consultants & Contractors .

High-quality custom designed and built residential and commercial projects.

Connecting people with the right design and building firms for their projects.

Luxury custom homes.

Green and Energy-Efficient buildings.

Affordable and Modest building projects.

Many ADC Network projects have been awarded AIA Awards of Merit.

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Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce
Home Builders Association of Central New Mexico
Santa Fe Community College

What's New
New firms are joining the ADC Network every month, offering decades of experience and many specialties for a broader choice of firms for every project.

Green & Sustainable
ADC Network strongly supports Green Building and Sustainable design and construction practices. Our network of Architects, Designers and Contractors have a great deal of expertise and many years experience designing and implementing Green & Sustainable building projects. We teach classes and consult on energy efficient buildings, alternative building methods, passive solar and renewable energy systems, and water harvesting & recycling.

Meet lots of design and building firms -- and do your research on them -- prior to starting your project; "go on a lot of dates before you get married!"

Contact ADC Network for free consultation about your project and process, and meet some of the great firms in the network.


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