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Positive Energy


Albuquerque & Santa Fe

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Positive Energy

We are licensed electrical contractors who turn sunlight into electric power in all its applications. Our specialty is electricity from renewable energy.

Name: Positive Energy
Santa Fe 
3201 Calle Marie
Santa Fe, NM 87507
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Phone: {505} 424-1112
Fax: {505} 424-1113
2809 Broadbent Parkway NE, Suite D
Albuquerque, NM 87107
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Phone: 505-344-0071
Las Cruces 
2050 W. Hadley Avenue, Suite B
Las Cruces, NM 88007
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Phone: 575-524-2030
211 Cruz Alta Rd.
Taos, NM 87571
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Phone: 575-737-9553

Features green products or services for sustainability.

Products or Services

Our commitment to solar energy is based on its contribution to a sustainable energy infrastructure in a values-based society. Positive Energy is committed to being a leader on the path toward New Mexico’s sustainable future. We are an employee-owned business, offset all of our carbon footprint, and we give hundreds of classes and presentations every year for community members and professionals. In our presentations, we always emphasize energy efficiency and conservation first, and renewable energy to offset what remains. Many of our employees of Positive Energy personally own and/or live with solar systems, and we’ve installed systems on two of our offices as well. We are co-op members, belong to credit unions, and shop for organic local food at the farmers’ market. We are board members, parents, writers and musicians. We volunteer, we recycle, we bi-cycle and take public transportation. We buy local. We stay positive. We install solar systems for people who are looking for a renewable energy partner.

With almost two megawatts of solar power and more than 450 of PV systems installed and serviced all over New Mexico, our experience is extensive, gained over many years, and specific to the photovoltaic trade in New Mexico. 11 NABCEP certified PV installers work for Positive Energy. No other company has more than one, and most have none. We also have 2 NABCEP Certified Technical Sales. We have 12 Licensed Electricians on staff. 11 graduates of the Renewable Energy Program at San Juan College work here. As a result, we know our field better than any company that is new to the trade, is owned or managed by out-of-state entities, or has multiple specialties.

• We install only the highest quality Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed products available on the market. We select quality products from quality companies and do not
submit bids for projects selected by lowest price only.
• We adhere to NEC Code, local building codes and best practices in the PV industry. We design and install our PV systems for 30 years of optimum production.
• We are SunPower Elite Dealer.
• Read our outstanding reviews from our clients via third party survey (
• References available.

SunPower Elite Dealer

Green & Sustainable
A utility-intertied (“grid-tied”) PV power system works in combination with utility power. If you have utility power now and install a PV system, it will be a grid-tied power system. If you live beyond the reach of utility power and install a PV system, it will be an off-grid system. When Positive Energy began in 1997, off-grid applications made up about 98% of our work. Although the amount of off-grid work remains robust, today it is less than 10% of our total business. This is simply because most of the tremendous recent growth in the solar power field has been with grid-tied systems – the mainstream application of solar power. From time to time we will be asked to take an existing home off-grid. A homeowner may be concerned about grid unreliability or failure, or just may see the utility as an adversary. But in all of our years in business we have never taken an existing home with utility power off-grid, although we have explained to many why it is impractical, expensive, or both. This is because a PV power system that can provide abundant electric power for an off-grid home - that is, a home designed and built to use an independent electric power system, without connection to utility power--will not run a conventional home. Off-grid homes are designed and built with solar electricity in mind. Lighting, appliances, electronics, and wiring are all selected and installed to make each watt-hour of electricity do as much work as possible. (A watt-hour is a basic unit of measure of electric power; a thousand of these make up a kilowatt-hour; eight cents on your electric bill). Tasks such as cooking, clothes drying, water heating, space (home) heating are shifted to natural gas, propane, wood, or solar heat. Done well, the result is a home that is bright, warm, and comfortable while using a tiny fraction of the electricity of a typical grid-tied home.


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