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Career Opportunities with is looking for ad sales people to join our creative team. We are seeking ambitious and professional people for this lucrative and rewarding opportunity.

We currently have openings for sales positions in the Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces (southern NM) and Taos (northern NM) markets, as well as other smaller cities and rural areas throughout New Mexico.


If you are interested, send your resume and a cover letter to us at:
Email: or Fax: 505-473-4609


For more information, contact us at:
Email: • Phone: 505-474-8388 – Mission / Vision provides an effective and easy way for consumers and industry specifiers to find the products and services they need in the home building, home improvement and related fields within a given region or state. provides an affordable and effective way for businesses in the home building, landscaping, decorating and related fields to market themselves to consumers, clients and industry specifiers. believes in -- and encourages and facilitates - industry collaboration and cooperation, which benefits industry professionals and consumers. supports -- and endeavors to serve -- consumers, businesses and communities. is a division of ADC Referral, Inc. (Architects, Designers and Contractors Referral Service), which has been in the building and design fields for over 20 years. The primary goal of our businesses is to bring good resources in the building, landscaping and decorating trades to the community. We are an "industry cluster" service and marketing business that connects businesses with consumers. We teach classes, make referrals, and provide affordable marketing opportunities to businesses in these fields.


Green Leaf Symbol The Green Leaf Symbol identifies "Green" or "Sustainable" Products & Services

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